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Move to Germany

There are many good reasons to move to Germany!

The pathways to Germany are varied and provide more opportunities than ever.

We provide immigration and job placement service for immigrants to Germany, an attractive cultural, work-life-balance destination. Germanys strategic immigration policy has become its decisive location factor. The shortage of skilled workers in Germany is considerable and has turned Germany into an attractive immigration country. The German labor market offers enormous opportunities for foreign workers of all skills.

Contact us anytime. We provide professional immigration service for your successful career in Germany.

On these pages we will therefore shed light on many of these new opportunities for study, work, and immigration, and we provide special advice for foreigners coming from outside the European Union.

Easier entry for preferred professional groups

German labor market admission for shortage occupations, further education and training

For third-country nationals (i.e. for people who are not EU citizens) who belong to certain shortage occupations or status groups, Germany has opened the labor market particularly wide and made it particularly easy for these groups of people to immigrate. Depending on which professional group you belong to, different national regulations must be observed. Here you can find out what you need to look out for in order to immigrate to Germany.

The preferred status groups for labor immigration to Germany include in particular

1. Professional truck or bus drivers from non-EU countries

2. IT specialists with practical professional knowledge

3. Nursing staff from abroad

4. Third-country nationals as part of an adjustment qualification

5. Students from abroad

6. Interns from abroad

7. Intra-corporate Transfers

Read on and find out more here.

Professional Truck or Bus Drivers from non-EU countries

Nursing Staff from Abroad

IT Specialists with Practical Professional Knowledge

Adjustment Qualification

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