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Job Placement of Health Professionals

Germany is undergoing far-reaching demographic changes. As people live longer lives and the proportion of the elderly in our German society increases, there is a wider need for inpatient and outpatient care services. Hospitals, nursing homes and other health care providers are therefore finding it harder to recruit and keep skilled nursing staff. According to the Skills Gap Analysis published by the German Federal Employment Agency (BA), there are only 29 candidates for every 100 geriatric nurse vacancies.

Recruiting silled health care and nursing staff is therefore a key challenge for Germany. Dong Qiao Consulting is specialized in the relocation of doctors and nursing professionals.

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Job Placement and Relocation Services for Nursing Specialists

In order to counter personnel shortages in the health care sector, many institutions are now recruiting employees from abroad, and increasingly from Asia and Northern Africa.

Dong Qiao Consulting is an experienced personnel development and relocation manager and an interface between specialist staff, employers, authorities, insurance companies, and other local service providers in Germany, Asia, and Northern Africa.

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Human Resources Development and Intercultural Consulting Services

Companies recruiting employees from or sending them abroad regularly face major challenges. In addition to company integration, cultural and linguistic barriers must be overcome as well.

Dong Qiao Consulting prepares specialized staff by linking foreign language courses with relevant economic, official, and cultural knowledge in the home country and ensuring the professional supervision of the new staff even after entry.

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Inbound Investment

Dong Qiao Consulting opens the door for Chinese investors, providing relationships with banks, corporations, administrations, associations and local business development agencies to help Chinese companies make their way to Germany.

For foreign an German investors and founders, starting a business in Germany can be time-consuming. We will examine your business requirements, find the most suitable company form for you in Germany and help you to establish your company in Germany without difficulty.

Comprehensive Consulting

  • Examination and obtaining of all public permits
  • Clarification of the company name
  • Preparation of all documents and statutes required by law
  • Preparation of registration and decision making
  • Preparation of notarial certification
  • Search of the optimal location
  • Examination and search for public funding opportunities
  • Observation of all labor law requirements for your business operations
  • Networking of tax, legal, financial, and accounting service providers

Market Entry Consulting

Corporate Representation Services

In the start-up phase before entering the new German market, it is advisable to have a local, discreet and trusted German partner who reliably represents the interests of Chinese investors, carries out market studies and performs representative functions, e.g. for acquisitions, talks with potential or existing customers and business partners, contract negotiations, and preparations for delegation trips.

As different as the needs of companies are, so different are the conditions of the industries. For a sustainable, long-term settlement consultation it requires exactly in these areas intensive and extensive knowledge.

Dong Qiao Consulting advises your company on the basis of extensive knowledge and many years of experience and together with you it creates the right requirement profile for your market entry strategy, nationawide and across industries.