Move to Germany

There are many good reasons to move to Germany!

The pathways to Germany are varied and sometimes very complicated. On this page we deal with questions of immigration to Germany. Because this country is no longer just an attractive cultural travel destination, but for Germany the strategic immigration policy has developed into a decisive location factor. The shortage of skilled workers in Germany is considerable and Germany still has a lot of catching up to do to become more attractive as an immigration country. But this also has great advantages for immigrants, because the local labor market now offers enormous opportunities for foreign workers.

German companies that want to provide a vacant training position within the framework of the dual training system but cannot find a suitable junior employee are now allowed to attract junior employees from non-EU countries and offer them professional prospects in Germany. The dual vocational training in Germany enjoys a great reputation abroad, so that young people from abroad are also very interested in dual training in Germany.

On these pages we will therefore shed light on many of these new opportunities for study, work, and immigration, and we will try to provide many good tips. Have fun reading and good luck in Germany, a country of immigration.

The pandemic is of course making it a lot more difficult. Nevertheless, this crisis can be a good time to prepare for new horizons and adventures. Let us regard this crisis an opportunity to look forward by proceeding step by step, so that we can start over again.