Recognition of the License to Practice Medicine for Doctors from Abroad

Doctors trained abroad who want to work in Germany unfortunately have to have their medical training recognized again in Germany. Our job is therefore mainly to find a job that suits your needs in a German health care facility and, in addition to help you with the visa application, also help you meet the requirements for the equivalency check.

The basic requirement to be allowed to work as a doctor in Germany is the state approval as a doctor, namely the so-called "Approbation". It is issued after passing the required training and the associated final examination in the respective federal state.

Because different rules apply to medical studies in other countries and it is possible that not all course content has been conveyed that is required for medical work in Germany, foreign doctors must obtain recognition of their training through an equivalence test in order to ensure patient safety. This is also known as an equivalence test or equivalency review.

The language skills of the doctor also play a role in the recognition of the license to practice medicine in Germany. A B2 language certificate for general German language skills is required as proof of general language competence and a C1 specialist language certificate for medicine is required for medical terms. The corresponding language courses can be completed at recognized language schools in the respective country.

  1. First step one is therefore first and foremost acquiring the necessary language skills.

  2. Step two is, depending on the status of the candidate, the passing of the equivalence test at the competent licensing authority of the respective federal state or an individual test by the competent state examination office for medical health professions (LPA).

However, there is another alternative for foreign doctors to start their professional career in Germany, the guest doctor contract: The equivalence test and recognition of the license to practice medicine are not the only options for doctors from abroad to work in Germany. With a visiting doctor contract, it is also possible to obtain a work permit togehter with a residence permit.

If you decide to hire us, we will set the path for your promising career as a doctor in Germany.

Specifically, we have the following services to offer:

  1. Mediation of employment or guest doctor contracts

  2. Mediation of language courses as a preparation for the language proficiency tests

  3. Support with the entire visa and entry process for skilled workers and family members

  4. Support with the professional recognition procedure at the responsible German authorities in Germany

  5. Step-by-step advice on preparing for the integration of skilled workers and their families in Germany

  6. Support in the individual integration steps for skilled workers and their family members in Germany

  7. Help with dealing with authorities, health insurance, social security, housing brokerage, school enrollment for children and much more.

Every job seeker from abroad who is looking for a job in Germany has individual requirements and we aim to meet these individual wishes and requirements at all times. We feel obliged to do our job and we are committed to long-term, successful business relationships in mutual interest.

If you have any questions, we look forward to hearing from you at any time. We are happy to answer any question.