Three Ways for Truck Drivers to Work in Germany

Facilitating Access to the German Labor Market for Professional Truck and Bus Drivers from Non-EU Countries

Professional drivers from non-EU countries now have the opportunity to work in Germany with the approval of the Federal Employment Agency. Discover the conditions that need to be met in order to take advantage of this opportunity. Truck and bus drivers are currently enjoying favorable salaries in Germany. Any non-EU citizen holding a truck or bus driver's license can, in principle, work as a professional driver in the Federal Republic of Germany. The pathway to entering the German job market, however, varies depending on whether you possess an EU/EEA driver's license or a local driver's license from a non-EU country.

Here are the different ways for non-EU citizens to enter the German job market: 

1. Entry with an EU/EEA driving license

If skilled workers already possess the required qualifications or an EU/EEA driver's license, they can expedite the entry process by applying for the accelerated skilled workers' procedure at the relevant foreigners' registration office.

2. Entry without an EU/EEA driving license

Applicants who do not yet hold an EU or EEA driver's license and lack the (accelerated) EU or EEA basic qualification can be employed in Germany through an alternative job. This option requires the opportunity to obtain the necessary German driver's license and the German (accelerated) basic qualification. Entry into Germany for qualification measures necessitates proof of German language proficiency at level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Employment under this category is approved by the Employment Agency if the following requirements are met:

  • An employment contract that includes related professional activities in the company, such as working in a warehouse, along with the obligation to participate in measures to acquire the German (accelerated) basic qualification for professional drivers and the German driver's license. During this period, the employee is already in Germany and has a job, but working as a professional driver is only possible after successful further training.
  • The working conditions during the qualification measures are structured in a way that allows the attainment of the German driving license and the German (accelerated) basic qualification within 15 months.
  • The employer guarantees the future employee a specific job offer as a professional truck driver in the company after obtaining the driver's license and the (accelerated) basic qualification.
  • Proof of an existing driving license as a professional driver from a third country in the applicant's country of origin.

3. Entry only with the accelerated basic qualification for professional drivers

If the non-EU citizen has previously obtained the (accelerated) basic qualification for professional drivers during employment in another EU/EEA state or Switzerland, and if it is still valid, they can enter Germany even without an EU/EEA driver's license. However, the foreign driver's license must be converted into a German driver's license within six months, which involves completing theoretical and practical driving tests.

Minimum Salary for Employees Over 45 Years of Age

If an applicant for a work visa is over 45 years old and is visiting Germany for the purpose of employment for the first time, they must earn a gross annual salary of at least €46,530 (in 2022) with the intended job in Germany or provide proof of an adequate pension.

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