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Inbound Investment Consulting

Dong Qiao Consulting opens the door for Chinese investors, providing relationships with banks, corporations, administrations, associations and local business development agencies to help Chinese companies make their way to Germany.

For foreign and German investors and founders, starting a business in Germany can be time-consuming. We will examine your business requirements, find the most suitable company form for you in Germany and help you to establish your company in Germany without difficulty.

    DQC Ensures Comprehensive Consulting

    We Lead Your Settlement to Success

    • Examining and obtaining all public permits
    • Clarifying the company name
    • Preparing all documents and statutes required by company law
    • Preparing registration and decision making
    • Preparing all notarial certifications
    • Searching for the optimal location
    • Examining and identifying public funding opportunities
    • Submitting all necessary applications to start your business
    • Observing all labor law requirements for commencing business operations
    • Networking tax advice, financial and payroll accounting

    Benefit from Public Economic Promotion

    DQC Identifes Your Ideal German Funding Instruments

    The EU plays an important role in determining the available budgets. Economic promotion in the form of financial incentives for foreign investors is governed by European state aid law. The EU plans and implements its budgets and associated aid schemes for several years and the current funding period covers the years 2014 to 2020.

    We as a management consultancy help foreign investors in identifying the right funding for their investment project in Germany. Large EU funds, such as the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), can co-finance various support programs in Germany. The funds thus reach the foreign company that wants to settle in the Federal Republic.

    How can a foreign company best benefit from the multi-faceted funding instruments of the Federal Republic of Germany? To design, plan and implement such a promotion and investment program individually for foreign companies is the task that Dong Qiao Consulting has dedicated itself to.

    The Five Pillars of German Investment Funding

    Contact DQC to Start Your Investment Strategy

    Direct grants Development Loans Guarantees Venture Capital Mezzanine Capital
    Direct grants are provided in designated federal regions and must be applied for from the competent institutions of the respective federal states. These grants are designed to reduce the investment costs of building new or expanding existing facilities. Development loans are available for all uses shown below. For the granting of such loans KfW is responsible at the federal level and the development banks at the level of the federal states. Guarantees help investors to finance by improving their collateral. Depending on the level, the award process is either supported by the guarantee banks of the federal states or by mandataries commissioned by the federal and state governments. Venture capital is offered in small and medium-sized companies through established investment companies. Companies can thus strengthen their capital base in order to build up or develop their business. Mezzanine capital is a hybrid between external and self-financing and is mainly used in Germany for dormant equity holdings.

    Main Investment Purposes

    Can Be Applied Individually or In Combination

    The five pillars of German promotion of corporate activities in Germany have the advantage that they can be combined with each other and used for versatile purposes like investments, resources, specific purposes, the use of new technologies, for staff augmentation and for much more.

    Contact us.

    We will inform you about your investment opportunities in Germany and develop a settlement strategy with you.

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