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Skilled Labor Shortage in Germany


在德国,德国培训市场对移民的需求正在增加,因为国内的后代根本无法弥补老年员工与年龄相关的离职。来自与雇主相关的德国经济研究所 (IW) 的新数据显示了现在的局势有多紧张。如果没有移民,到 2024 年,所有 401 个城市和农村地区的可就业人数将急剧下降,平均下降 4%(Haas,2021)。


Even if some of the people who have not previously worked full-time in this country worked more hours, in many regions of Germany that would no longer be sufficient to close the resulting skilled labor gap. Demographic change is developing into a serious threat to prosperity in Germany as a whole. The situation is particularly dramatic in East Germany, but in West Germany too there are now many districts that, according to IW, are facing a 4 to 7 percent decline in the working population. Overall, no longer any German district is predicted to see a growth in the labor force.