Health Personnel Qualification

In order to counter personnel shortages in the healthcare sector, many institutions are now recruiting employees from abroad, and increasingly from Asia. As experienced relocation managers, we are the interface between specialist staff, employers, authorities, insurance companies and other local service providers in Asia and Germany.

In Germany, anyone wishing to work for instance in nursing requires a license. Applications for the recognition of professional qualifications need to be submitted to the competent authority of the German Land in which the health professional intends to work.

  • If you have obtained your nursing qualifications in China, you need to have these recognized in Germany. Dong Qiao Consulting supports applications at the competent authorities that verify whether or not the professional qualifications which you have acquired abroad are fully equivalent to the corresponding qualification issued in Germany. If this is not the case, Dong Qiao Consulting signs you up for an adaptation course.
  • Depending on the German Land in which you intend to work, you need to prove you have a B1 or B2 German proficiency level under the European Framework of Reference. Dong Qiao Consulting cooperates with experienced language schools in China and Germany.

In the recognition procedure, emphasis is placed on where you obtained your qualification: Dong Qiao Consulting is specialized on relocation services for health personnel from China.